Regium: Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence

Let's stay positive. These Rechapados Ferrer boards look great. Where can I buy one?

To those saying N78 is another alt I would hesitate for a moment. They are clearly way too strong a chess player to be angel. They are just being overly cautious about starting what could be a preemptive witch hunt but they just haven’t dug through enough of the evidence imo. To me it’s clear as day that this is not how an actual tech startup behaves


Yes, I saw the video and I'm absolutely sure that we are NOT doing a witch hunt.

Do you seriously believe that the guy, who shows his "competency" and "honesty" in everything he touches, is able to solve the problem of the electromagnetic interference of the magnets and RFID chips?

Do you seriously believe that the two working prototypes exist?

And do you thing that any capable team would voluntarily be lead by a person, who on his company's webpage selling "MARKETING" and "IT services" has Terms and Conditions ( ) where, right under the SSL logo there are things like "We will gladly accept returns on any item (except items which are final sale) that is in its original condition (unworn, unwashed, with tags attached)."?

So answer for yourself - is this a which hunt or is the community trying to protect innocent people and their hard earned money?

@N78_Training Daniel here. Your "explaination vids" by no means refute the allegations against you. You are clearly Mr. Delgado, because as soon as you started being active here, your spamming ceased. As stated by others, how can you expect others to think your product is legit if you attempt to rabidly censor every hint of criticism?

You are going to get booted off of kickstarter for your fraudulent spamming. If your product is as good as you claim, and not a scam, then you should let people see for themselves by visiting the links provided.

N78_Training is not Delgado.

The mods are keeping an eye out for more alts, don't worry.

It did stop while he was writing here, though