Regium: Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence

The existence of the company is also an interesting topic.

The domain is registred by Soluciones Corporativas IP, SL - just a registrator. This leads nowhere.

In the process of submitting an email, they give their address as
3001 North Rocky Point Drive East, Suite 200
Tampa, Florida 33607

This is a virtual address, provided by
(They could chose them, because the name is similar, to confuse people, but that's just a speculation.)
I contacted, asking them for information. So far, no answer.

I searched for a company called Regium in Florida.
There are three companies with "Regium" in the name: REGIUM ATHLETICS, LLC, REGIUM REALTY LLC (inactive) and REGIUM REALTY LLC.
There is no evident link between them and - so we got nothing. and could provide more light, though. It is hard to imagine that they accepted money without any paper trace.

By any law you can't defame something or someone that does not exist.
And as long as the kickstarter campaign hasn't started there is hardly any crime that can be proven.

This might be slightly off topic but does anyone know what kind of black and white chess set they use in their videos? Kind of fell in love with it.

I hadn't seen the fullsize team member picture before but now thanks to the archive I get it. It is pretty funny, as expected the glasses make no sense.


"there is hardly any crime that can be proven"

This is also an interesting topic. I wish I could tell more, but for obvious reasons I cannot.
Not yet.

@the_archbishop Hahaha the website of that company is just as shady as everything else. Zero information about what they actually do, but in their shop you can buy a customized IT services pack for 12k €. I wonder if that includes a free magic chess board with flying pieces.

"And as long as the kickstarter campaign hasn't started there is hardly any crime that can be proven."

It is not so simple.
In many countries fraud/swindler attempt is a crime.
If the people in the Regium site do not exists, there is the crime of false identity too.

I do not understand about laws in Spain, but probably they have similar penal types in their legislation.

I'm not sure either. Identity theft is a crime. But picturing invented people on a web site? Announcing a crowdfunding campaign that never takes place? Just a bad hoax. I guess courts have more urgent crimes to deal with.
My guess is there will be no kickstarter campaign and we'll never hear of Regium any more. If I'm wrong then bring some more popcorn :)