Regium: Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence

Thanks a lot. That was an unusual altruistic and coragious take down (even more unusual than running a great free server).

Sorry, kids. This is total B.S. Too bad. You're better off going out and buying a lottery ticket and then dream about what you will do when you win. At least with that you have a chance. Regium will come to market just after warp drives become available for your cars. or is it personal teleporters? I always the release dates mixed up.

Here's the dude's LinkedIn account:

CEO of Soon Technologies since 2015. Oddly, there isn't a single other member of the "company" on LinkedIn. The website also has good amount of flaws (broken links, out of place text, etc.).. kind of surprising for a technology company. Here's a link to their store:

It appears they offer technology/marketing consulting/services. For example: an Instagram manager (~650 USD/month). You could get their IT Services - Customized Pack 1 for a cool 15,000 USD. Doesn't say if this is monthly, yearly, or a flat fee. Also doesn't really say what is offered.

BUT WAIT, the best part.

Do you wanna return your IT Services? Or how about your Instagram manager? It better be "unworn, unwashed, and still have tags attached." LMAO. Copy/Paste their return policy into Google and you (shockingly) get results for the return policies of a bunch of clothing brands.

I'm going to post a YouTube video tomorrow with everything you wonderful sleuths and myself have gathered. The only videos about it on YT right now are their own heavily moderated videos, and at the very least the other side needs to have a voice before their KickStarter begins. sent a message to all users yesterday saying they can't verify the claims REGIUM makes about its product.

I think it's a bit embarrassing for They promoted it to their users in exchange for money, which is usually fine, but after they had to contact all their users to let them know they might have promoted a scam to them. oops. I wonder if the promotion is still visible on yes it is, so any new account or anonymous browser will see the promotion and won't see the email warning.

As others have said but I think worth repeating, kickstarter isn't like buying a product from ebay with paypal. If you back a kickstart project and nothing gets delivered you lose all your money, and the kickstarter keeps all the money.

I don't understand why they would threaten a lawsuit over an unassociated website's user made forum post. Its not like lichess made the forum.

Is a big lesson to be learned. and chess24 should take more precaution to accept sponsors in the future.

There are a lot of images of So, Nakamura and Carlsen connected with this sponsorship now, because they were in the events sponsored by Regium.
It can make a lot of people trust in the regium product.
The companies that accept regium money should think about warn the Kickstarter about that, and even call to the Prosecution Ministry of Spain.

The fund values will be high and the people scammed will lose a lot of money.

This thread is so toxic! I get that they do appear quite shady, but that doesn't mean that everyone should just burn them at the stake! If you don't trust them, don't donate to the Kickstarter (I myself won't), but at the same time, don't just assume that everything they say is a lie. It's a really brilliant concept (if it works), and there's no need to cancel them already. Unless of course there's some conclusive evidence of their scam. For now, they just appear shady.