Regium: Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence

@Mi5ter_t still a healthy supply of popcorn here. I still haven't managed to read all of the various threads on this yet.

Trying to get some work and homework done in the mean time. :joy:

I have been reading all the posts on the Regium chessboard here and on other sites. Indeed very amusing. But now I feel sad. If it is not real I am saddened because people lower themselves to this kind of behaviour, and more important one of my dreams that looked to come true vanished in thin air. On the other hand, if the board will be real with all the features Regium promisses I obviously will be happy and open my wallet in no time, but I am afraid even then a bad feeling will linger how this discourse got so out of hand.

For me the most important point of this discussion is that, unfortunatelly, currently its impossible to connect an eboard to lichess without some fancy browser/http hack

Lichess API allowing easily sending a move read from an eboard is only allowed for BOT accounts :( , if that doesnt change we won't play a game on lichess and OTB (over the board).

this is internet when the pack has smelled blood
lichess could have asked for a live demonstration, adding, they would support the board if it worked...
and then daily asked, when and where the demonstration would take place..
but a witch hunt is more fun

Kaidanov - In Post 197 you say:
Regarding the question wether it's real or not, I find it extremly unlikely that someone would make the effort of shooting these videos, setting a website and all that for an e-chess board that would sell only to enthusiats, via online payment systems that can be traced to the root. I mean, seriously? Incredible narrative.

Have you considered the possibility that there is no intention of selling any e-chess boards whatsoever? The owners aim to raise many thousands of pounds from personal investors via Kickstarter. This is where the owners make money. Dishonest owners could potentially take the money and run. Checkmate.

> Dishonest owners could potentially take the money and run. Checkmate.

This is what motivated us to write the blog post. We felt it was necessary to share what we knew, to prevent people from being taken advantage of.

How about you read the blog post you're commenting on, @kokkko.

"We have Lichess members in Spain that will gladly attend a live demo of one of the boards displayed in the videos. We'll add their experience report to this blog post as soon as possible."

first, as this is my up to yet my only communication with you, lichess is great, you are doing a wonderful job, and you and all of the mods spend maybe even too much lifetime for lichess.

and yes, of course I have read the blog before the forum.
this is not a life threatening affair, and posting that blog in the internet was sure to get this sort of reaction,

and let me ask you, did you not exspect it?

We felt like we had a moral obligation to make that post. As usual, if things turn to insults or threats - which it hasn't yet - then we'll have to moderate comments.

Great catch, folks.

I looked closely at the pictures of the 4 fake team members and there are clear features of the photos which indicate fakery.

Clearest fake is the first one, you see the flesh inexplicably swelling around the outside of the glasses frame for "Philip Davis".
"Steve Williams" has one ear far too low to hold up his glasses. Or it's a freakishly tall ear.
"Lorenz Kleiber" has a weirdly tall ear as well.

Get the raw files here:

It's too bad, once someone lies like this, and given the amount of nonsense that happens in the Kickstarter world, it will be hard for them to regain enough trust to ever do their project.