A new logo for Lichess

I think the logo is really beautiful and fits perfectly with the website. Good change.

The only issue is that the white box around it is discolored whenever i tab out of the page. Need to make the background transparent and reupload it.

The horse closely resembles a male seahorse carrying the eggs, which they actually do .Seahorse is a fish,by the way.

New logo looks good, and the its simple design is fairly unique. Keep up the good work folks!

When you guys update the mobile splash screen please consider making a dark background for when the dark theme is enabled.

I know it seems niggling but the rest of the app is so highly polished and this feels like a (literally glaring) oversight.

@Shiren - You read my mind, totally agree to add this correction.

About new logo, as many others said, fits perfectly in the lichess web armony, it's simple, flat design and unique with these interior & exterior contour representing the horse; imo people who said that it's too roonded it's because they're only looking at the stroke line bypassing what this stroke form contains.

Thanks for the free & nice contribution to the designer.

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