A new logo for Lichess

The designer of the new Lichess logo is really a genius and the logo is maybe a genie in a chess bottle.
Or maybe it is the other way around and the designer is a genie in bottle and the new logo is a genius.

Unfortunately I can't show the photo here. But the link to Imgur works.

I apologize for the f*** word in this joke. It is not my reaction to the new logo.
@lichess . I noticed the old logo is gone from the loading page and is now blank since my last comment, was I the first to spot that? : D
Good work. It does not matter if it is ugly or not, it inspires respect ! very robust animal here.... Przewalsik’s horse ?
I like it. It represents the site well, simple, yet modern and without pretense.
Beautiful piece sets! Is there a way I can import these easily to chessbase or do I need to create it from scratch by screenshotting stuff?
Just beautiful. Great design. Thanks a lot to sadsnake1.

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