A new logo for Lichess

Good job, Lichess team and Sadsnake1. Fantastic work, and great decision for the new logo.

> On the right, the new Freedom Knight.

Great! Could we now please abandon chess and have a site for freedom chess instead? A site which can only be accessed by freedom browsers over the freedom net? We could eat freedom fries while we play it by clicking with our freedom mouses on our freedom screens, no?

Bottom line: when you use words in contexts where they don't belong to they become platitudes and stop meaning what they really mean. Once every laundry detergent washes "whiter than white" or just "whiter" (advertisements love comparatives without anything to compare to) "white" stops to describe a colour and becomes meaningless. So, please, if you want "freedom" to mean anything at all, stop using it for graphics of chess symbols.


@krasnaya Whoosh! That went right over your head now didn't it?

the site Lichess is built to be completely free in every aspect. This is a FREE site compared to, Chess24, etc. The Freedom Knight is representative of the freedom Lichess has for its users.