FIDE: Confidentiality Clauses and Secret Votes

Mr Nielsen makes accusations, Mr Aagard defends himself and FIDE against these accusations and since FIDE is completely intransparent, I don't know what exactly the facts are and who is right. Oh, wait...

I just can't get over the fact FIDE stated the candidates widcard would go to a Russian player because happening in Russia. Come on, chess doesn't rely on live audience tickets like most sports so the idea of a local wildcard is ridiculous. Now that Grischuk qualifies from the Grand Prix, does that decision still stand or will they magically, democratically open it up to the most deserving player like MVL, Wesley or Mamed?

GM Aagard comes across as very defensive and doesn't seem to understand some of the points GM Nilsen made, or is just being dishonest. The fact that volunteers spend hundreds of hours doing unpaid work does not change the fact that it's a conflict of interest when the TRG demands a particular course is taken, happens to fill the list of people approved to teach that course with themselves, and is also in charge of deciding their salary on that course. That Aagard finds it "peculiar" that this is a conflict of interest is something I find "unbelievable".

Props to GM Aagard for spending so many hours on unpaid volunteer work. That said, it's one thing to run an organisation and generally keep things private, but another thing completely to campaign on the promise of transparency and not follow up. In the latter case you better follow up and explain yourself, so you don't look like a defensive liar when questions are raised.