Titled Arena Announcement

Thank you for implementing prizes for female participants! The titled arenas are always so exciting to watch 🤗

Just outta curiosity,if a woman wins the tournament,does she get both prizes

It was always lots of fun to see Magnus Carlsen play, but I like the drama of the other players winning the past couple of times.

Titled Arena is a great opportunity to see some of the best chess players such as Carlsen, Firouzja and Naroditsky.

Why different prizes for women? Kind of implies that they aren't good enough to win so there needs to be a seperate prize fund for them. I'm sure they'll take it, though. Wgm cukus is probably the strongest woman playing bullet on lichess.

It is true that most strong chess players tend to be men. Don't ask me why, but, it's a fact.

Well if you look in ANY sports will see that men in general are always better...has something to do with testosteron and being hunters back then....this doesn't mean women are worth less, they have their areas where they excell men, but competition in sports etc is not one of them