960 Ways to Die in the West

Is there any woman compete in this version of chess? Did any women compete in this tournament?

is the pgn of of the tourney somewhere available for download?

Thanks for the list of contestants. I didn't watch the tournament so I didn't know if there was any woman / girl playing in that tournament.

FM Amro El Jawich's video does not seem to be on the Titled Arena.

So I guess @Former_player is either Garry Kasparov himself or Levon Aronian who I recently heard making that exact remark.

Can there be a chess 960 monthly arena for the u2000?

I wonder if Magnus withdrew because Chess960 is distracting from real chess? As in, he has to focus a lot on normal chess and openings, whether he likes to or not. On the other hand, he loves midgames, which 960 probably allows you to jump into sooner. Hmm...