Announcing the 2019 Antichess World Championship

I thought antichess was solved: white wins with 1 e3.

#2 It may look a bit odd but it's still nice because it leaves you with a bit more time in the endgame, but not excessively much either.

#3 That's correct. But the proof tree is so huge that it does not make a big difference when humans play.

Hey guys, I see this starts on 30 September but the qualification period is over a few weeks? For the first week (up until 5 October) I am away from proper network and i REALLY want to enter. So to the organizers, could I make a special request to be involved in the qualifiying rounds from week 2 (so AFTER 5 October)?

PLEASE? I really believe I can go far if this request is met?

@CrystalEdge It is allowed to forfeit one match. Although you can play your first match on October 6 (until 23:59:59 UTC).