Lichess Montréal Meetup Recap

> Started beta testing for optional push notifications - even with no Lichess tabs open

Yesss! If I understand correctly this would mean I can get rid of the lichess app on my phone and use exclusively my mobile browser. That's the dream; thanks devs for your hard work!

i'm sure that i've found a person that's been pretty hastily photoshopped in :)

Hastily? I'll have you know, our Vice Executive Image Manipulator spent the best part of an evening doing that awesome work!

lol... i thought he just had a big head...and rathe high res at that!!

Glad to see everyone is in good spirits!

I'm excited to see long-anticipated "Improved connection stability" and "Updated rating calculations" in place!

> Updated rating calculations

Can we have details?


Full details are at:

Quoting the original comment there, which gives a good summary:

> This change makes Glicko RD values increase based on the time since the previous game, rather than a fixed amount each game. This should make ratings more stable, more accurate, and more in line with the design of Glicko-2.