Anand Retains Norway Chess title – at cooking

I would suggest "two armageddon games" instead of "armageddi". After all, armageddon is not noun, rather than adjective.

@dark_bishop01 I agree. The plural rule used here is meant for words ending in -us, like "cactus/cacti", "alumnus/alumni" "ventus/venti" etc. I don't know what the plural of "Armageddon" is though, since it's not normally an adjective,

"Yu Yangyi needed a translator but she left him to his own devices halfway through the cook-off, since apparently his cooking level was the same whether he understood the instructions or not."


Ha, putting an Indian and a Frenchman on the same team... that's hardly fair to the rest of the competition. :-D

Awesome write-up! I like armageddi, rhymes with spaghetti...

I'm more than happy to find out about this slow TV thing. Currently watching a 7 hour video of a train going through Norway x)