Lichess v2 is here

Thanks for the update!
Just a thing ----- That zoom looks a bit too scary for some reason.

Why don't you do a quick simul ? see if it works ok for you ?

@DABO5000 If you cannot update your browser then you are using an operating system that is outdated, unsupported and has huge security holes. Linux is free, you don't even have to install it, simply run it from an USB stick.

I liked more the previous aesthetic, the new one is very big and stretched.

I just played my first game on this new version and love it. It was fast and now I can do everything you can do on computer. I personally like this design better. I was never a big user of the site anyway, as I mostly played on mobile app because it was impossible to play well on web browser before. People always complain when change happens. I hope lichess keeps the design like it is now.

Edit: about the zoom, it's not bad. It just looks different and your eyes aren't used to it yet. There's nothing wrong with it crybabies.

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