Lichess v2 is here

please make it possible to swap back, v1 was way more satisfying, v2 layout is just ugly

Can we have an option to turn down the volume of piece moves (rather than just mute or on at full volume?) I was listening to a quiet youtube video so had turned up on the volume of my PC significantly to compensate.

Then I played a game on the new lichess, but forgot to mute the site.


The "BING" sound has potentially damaged the structural foundations of my house and has definitely deafened my cat. I anticipate litigation incoming from my neighbours three doors away. I saw grown men fleeing in terror from the office across the road suspecting a small tactical missile strike was underway. A sinkhole has opened up in the street outside and the bass tone has awakened the goblin lord that lives at the bottom of my garden.

Please save me from these terrors.

Yes exactly! the chat window, clocks,notation box all of them designed for Godzilla it covers all over the screen, resizing board make things worse because clocks become bigger than the board!

I play only on pc so actually it's frustrating to play chess on a platform from pc that only designed for mobile!

so simply you screwed PC community for Mobile, it's simple as that.

PS. for me as a blitz player, piece movements also annoying, it's designed for Bullet plays, I can't see the movement.

In my opinion, lichess v2 looks like better than v1. Good colours and big desk so comfortable for the games. Thanks,Lichess!

I prefer old design. Because in old design there was focus on the board. Only board was bright/colorful/big thing in all UI. Everything was flat and minimalistic. User names, fonts was inconspicuous, so they did not distract attention from the game. New design is awful. Everything is too big, too bright, colors do not fit together. All this things distracts attention from the chessboard. Big timer with green highligt is the biggest attention distractor while playing.

Nice website, I personally don't see why everybody is complaining(although I would suggest a little less blue and a lot more grey to satisfy my eyes.) Also, I found a computer analysis error where the graph is not complete, but it has 'holes' in the middle of the graph. Please fix this and also change the colour back to grey for the text.

Seems everyone has an opinion on the new site ... looks aside there are core functionality not working.

My problem is that playing/analysis does not work. I use palemoon browser, it is not possible to play a game.
Also tried waterfox but it only showed the top half of the top row of the chessboard. Resizing only changed width.
I also tried brave browser (with security shield on), and it was not possible to play.

For now, I am probably back to until all the issues are sorted.

ps: I am not going to install firefox or chrome. Don't trust google or mozilla corporation.

@TheBulletTap "Don't trust google or mozilla corporation" It's like comparing a mountain and a fox, it doesn't make sense.

afaik pale moon is based on a old firefox version and therefore not supported

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