Lichess v2 is here

Facebook understands that you don't want to take up 100% of the space with primary content. I would suggest using roughly 70% of the space for primary content, then adding a right sidebar with game previews, menu options, quick links, etc.

It's good that this is mobile responsive, but I feel it ignored the actual human design bits when it comes to overall layout.

Human eyes look at center-left primarily (at least Westerners) because we read from left to right.

The personal punctuation (and its modifications) in the new lichess, is hidden by the box of friends, can not be seen. Uncomfortable.

I say we wait on our judgment. Many of us have been using v1 for years are obviously used to it. Give v2 a chance.

I think you guys should wait a couple weeks and see how it feels, change might feel wierd for a bit to look at, but you should get used to it.

thanks for all the hardwork lichess team! i appreciate all you do =)

so uhhh.... bughouse?

#311 I completely agree.

With Safari, the general design, size and font are way to big.

Surely, the v2 might be better than v1, but not the design.

If anyone knows "Gwent: the Witcher card game", it's almost the same story. Developers made a decision to change the game and most players didn't liked everything new, "ugly UI, everything weird, this isn't game I've played and liked, I'm leaving" etc. But after couple of months developers slightly improved all aspects of the game and implemented a lot of improvements, and after that a lot of players who leaved finally returned and enjoyed the game, even new players who was sceptical liked the game.
So, even if new version isn't perfect and many players will leave Lichess, if developers will fix the bugs and improve UI, everything will be fine and most of leaved players will return. Trust me. There's not that many chess sites to play on, and lichess was and will be perfect place for this. Just give it some time.
PS. Sorry for some mistakes, I'm non a native English speaker.

I appreciate the hard work that made this thing possible.

After a game I used to be able to shrink the screen so I could see both the entire board and the computer analysis chart. Now I can't do that. With my Apple desktop computer, I used to be able to press "cmd" and "-" to shrink the screen. Now that doesn't work. Please fix.

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