Lichess v2 is here

The survey does make sense. Feedback is very important for any new design. 89% v1 vs 11% v2 speaks volumes.

Screenshot :
Poll :

About the screenshot: That's NOT responsive design, sorry. It's impossible to play like that.
Poll: Who cares about the feedback? I think nobody.

Furthermore, for mobile devices there is/ was already the app. So for what purpose changing the design?

Well, why this new version? It does not work for me correctly on my old Mozilla, but I cannot install the new version ... Great. Now I just can't play chess here.

People usually are against change. I think many things are better in this one. Colors are chosen better and elements stands out more. Although board seems to become blurry and square lines moves time to time. That must be fixed. I am not sure about this zoomed view this has. I need to scroll more and I didn't think that text were too small in previous version. If I now go 80%, it's much better.

I really like it, and I think is better than the previous one. The only critic that I have is that the 3D board isn't as snappy as it was for me. I'm using Mozilla 66.0.4 in linux

I wanted to ask how we can support your awesome work if you don't even have a premium model. Only by submitting PRs on github? :)
Oh and it sucks to scroll all the to the end of this thread to post an answer. Please offer the option to reply on each site the thread.

I don't care for the new look, it just seems too crowded. I'm sure it will be fine it time though.

Two bugs on Firefox 66.0.4:
1. Resizing the board does not work.
2. Forward and backward arrows do not work on analysis board.

#279 A single-question survey is not a scientific poll, and is no more useful than the 2016 United Kingdom European Union membership referendum.

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