Lichess v2 is here

Hi, I appreciate the flexibility change :D I remember strugguling to set the board size to my preference on different PCs, however now I have different problem.

Zen mode dosn't seem to work (or am I wrong?). It does hide elements but it's not truly Zen.
Before the UI elements were smaller than the board, but now setting the board size to max simply makes it as big as the UI elements (set it to min and I guarentee a heart attack). Don't get me wrong - the UI is beautiful but it's not why I came here :p

Also some fonts are harder to read when using the transparent background.

Finally a minor inconvinience is that you now have to scroll down to see the box for inputting moves.

This turned out to be more of a regression report than a comment, anyway keep up the good work. Here is a link to the to screen captures representing what I have in mind

Some good and some bad changes in my opinion :) It would be nice to allow board sizes >100% to get a vertical maximized board on 4:3 screens.
Currently, I added the following CSS to fix that on my laptop.

@-moz-document domain( {
/* Tall 3D checkboard on 4:3 screens */
body {
overflow:scroll !important;
#main-wrap {
width: 2000px !important;

The pieces doesnt look HD in v2. They look low resolution in chrome. (768p 16:9)

This is really really bad. The first version was minimalistic , fast and you could see almost everything of importance to you and the game - the score between yourself and the opponent, the time on the clocks, the chat on the left side, you just made it larger with no apparent reason and some of the above mentioned features you have to scroll down to see which is kind of impractical during a game . When I go to my profile before I could see the track of my ratings on the left side and also my score from the games of the day, now again I can see only the stats and have to scroll down to see my results from the day. I have not tried bullet still but I seriously doubt you could have made it faster than what it was. You are an amazing free site and I am more than thankful for your work and the platform you provide for chess players and fans from all over the world but in my opinion this change was unneeded and doesn't improve the overall quality in any way. Also why do I have to go to the first comment in the forum and through dozen pages of previous comments in order to write mine? There should be an option to simply go to the last page then. Kind regards

Thank you for what you have done for all the chess players around the world!

Too blank and hollow. The focus is diffused.

I can cope with all the inconsistencies of new UI - some UI part became bigger, some smaller for no apparent reason, but that's alright, any project or product needs experiments to get better. But the one thing that absolutely kills experience is the shot clocks, I don't know why exactly, but when playing bullet it became really really and I mean REALLY hard to keep an eye on the clock. The numbers look so unreadable and thin and when it's down to 10 seconds they are not alerting as before and sometimes is not noticeable at all. This font and UI adjustments don't suit for such dynamic game. The focus needs to stay on the board and the clock, but currently it seems like that nothing is in focus and you always have to look for everything on the page.

Да, огромное число просто великолепных отзывов. А играть невозможно. Может быть шахматы - это уже вариант дизайна или граффити? Скорее всего. Главное не игроки - главное проделана огромная работа, а если у многих появились проблемы - пусть уходят - туда им и дорога. Или как говорят в России - СКАТЕРТЬЮ ДОРОГА!

Guys how can i fix this blurry problem. These pieces are so blurry on my board. I was tried change board & piece sizes but can't fixed. Anybody knows this?

Bravo !!
Great Job, thank you so much for your efforts and keeping it free :)
Thumbs up !

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