Lichess v2 is coming

@matecheck2006 expect v2 to not work yet, it's still a testing website. It's normal that a testing website doesn't always work.


Quote: "They used to be on lichess.

They were removed at the time that the tournament module was rewritten, because:
- Almost no-one played them
- The format doesn't really work for the non-commital, drop-in/drop-out nature of internet chess
- It required serious frontend work to become usable, which no-one was willing to do
- The whole thing would have to be written from scratch anyway, and due to the above reason, there was little incentive to do it.

It existed from early 2014 till a few months ago, with relatively few games played in it. It could come back, but the incentive to work on it is low."

What made me disappointed is dropping the support for Firefox Gecko (slightly older than 58). A lot of privacy-focused web browsers are using it as the foundation, and also it supports much more addons than Firefox Quantum. I hope that "no support" is not equal to refusing to load a page for Firefox <58 without even trying to load.

Hello. I have Firefox 48 and OS 10.7 but the new Firefox requires OS 12... So I wont be able to use Lichess anymore...?

Hi Thibaut, thanks for your enormous effort on lichess.
Just one suggestion, please put video library from" learn--->chess basic ---> video library"
to "Learn--->video library".
A lot of people are not aware of those valuable videos under the "chess basic" category.

Also - would be cool with the possibilty to select different piece-sounds. My dog goes crazy with the standard sound, because she thinks somebody knocks at the door.

However it is nice to have some kind of sound so you know when a piece has been moved, but maybe 2-3 different choices could be good.. I know I'm probably dreaming but...