Lichess v2 is coming

You keep your account, all your games, friends, messages, preferences, everything.

@theironarmy the account login and settings should all stay the same. These are mostly user experience and interface changes.


@LamLamer is 100% right! made v3 very heavy , so I left and joined Lichess.
Sometimes changes can be a disaster. You should be very careful.

@Fates2 +100500 Be careful please to stay Lichess fast on any computers (on old too). And it just works faster than chesscom and it is more pleasure to use Lichess now :)

My experience both as a user and as a software developer is that if you're changing the basic requirements to include a "modern" (meaning very very recent) web browser, then by definition everything will be slower and users will complain and the changes will be unpopular.

Maybe it would be wiser to do the artistic redesign that you desire, and not make any technical changes at the same time. Then when it turns out to be slower, (it will) you'll be able to isolate the problems more easily.

Please, please, I beg you, do it like Reddit Redesign and allow us to use V1 at or something. Backward compatibility is good practice. You don't need to burn your ships and delete something that works for all current users.

This shouldn't be a matter of "you'll have to do this or that to use V2", it should be a matter of caring about all your current users, and support them, it should be something better for everyone, regardless of their operating system or browser.

"Some users will be unable to use us at all unless they switch to something we support" is a bigger issue than all the ones mentioned, so it'd be best for everyone if instead of showing some "we no longer support you, install some software or upgrade it to play" error, just allow people to use what you currently have, which works great.

I was wondering when the next update is, but then there is an UPGRADE alert 😀 , you guys never ceased to amaze me 👍... keep up the great work and we'll do our part to make this the best place to play chess online 😎

Great work team!
Can we still use the iOS app? Or will the web version replace the app? Can the web version send notifications to my phone as well?

Could we get the ability to choose the RGB color of the light and dark squares please?