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smutje41 is right. A category "curated studies" should be added. The target strength of the study is a must.

I'm just working on a study about technical mates for beginners in german language for my chess courses. This material is to find in good quality several times in the web and basic endgame books. Thinking about this there should be a note too about what makes a study special or worthy to look at. This might be the presentation, the content, the interaction with the study creator.

If the staff is interested I could give a hand in working on this as it is.

"What we are not looking for: uneducational content."

That's bad news for the Whiz. ;)

@ feedback - It would be nice to have some feedback on the content submitted from the creators. I've submitted a couple of things, but am unsure if they were high enough quality/acceptable for the platform.

-->I am unmotivated to continue creating until I know if I have to step up my game or have sufficiently passed the quality check.

Is there a way to add this kind of feedback feature into what you are trying to accomplish?

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