Paging All Content Creators

Great idea, thanks!
Maybe in the future it would be possible to have an own category "curated studies" in the section "Study" itself since it's sometimes really hard to find the good studies.

I think this idea is interesting!

My thought on this is:

1. How do people generally create really good studies from nothing? If you cannot create good studies from a book (copyright violation), how would you be able to just create studies from scratch? Can you use specific endgame positions from books but explain them in your own words?

Hope 2882 creates a few studies.

To learn how click here. That link isn't working.

Some of your example studies are just straight memes, so I'm assuming this is a delayed April Fool's joke?

What if I told you serious stuff doesn't have to be explained in a serious tone. You are allowed to have fun both while creating studies and learning from them.

I like this idea but when the posts are made for really good studies they will just become flotsam in the social media sea of information, and many of us choose not to engage with these platforms. So it would be helpful if there could be another way to browse and access this content from a single portal ideally.