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  3. Hungry Hungry Magnus Wins Another Chicken Dinner.

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Magnus is always the star of the LTA :p

Still, congratz to Tang & Naroditsky

Is anyone else always rooting for Penguin when he matches with the good doctor?

"Adding another Titled Arena, to his every increasing belt closet."

I'm assuming this was supposed to read "ever-increasing belt closet"?

Looking forward to the Titled 960 championship. Sounds exciting!

Good forum!

How is Magnus so good??

Could have mentioned the two great international masters finishing 4:th and 5:th before a long list of grandmasters

Is there any chance that lichess would stop disabling profiles during titled arenas? It's not done during regular tournaments and marathons. It highlights nicely that titled players are superior human beings and while they play, the regular players have their profiles disabled. In admiration for Magnus Carlsen, non titled players should avoid playing any games during titled arenas.