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  3. Too Strong, Too Fast: Carlsen Rides Again in the Lichess Titled Arena

@hangrad ,
In order to reduce server load.

Basically whenever a titled arena takes place, everything else is disabled to reduce lag to for the titled players participating in this arena tourament. That's great but it haven't happened before. Was there DDOS attack on lichess during the last titled arena?

Magnus wins his seventh titled arena, then later on you mention hes won 8.

Dont want to be nitpicky, good write up and a fascinating tournament.

@Numberman768 Oops, fixed it, thanks - lost track of how many. :)

So that all questions about who are lodewijkfrederik
look this

spoiler: opperwezen

good tournament

Wow, this was amazing, MC just kept winning like a madman!

I love seeing Magnus joining, and winning, and playing and so on.
But lichess has got to stop focusing only on him. Every news headline is about Magnus. How about showing some respect for other titled players?

Has Magnus stopped donating his prize money to the next arena's fund?

Thank You Magnus and thanks Lichess, outstanding tournament as always !!!

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