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  3. Too Strong, Too Fast: Carlsen Rides Again in the Lichess Titled Arena

Comments on

One of the most impressive wins I have ever seen. Thanks for a good tournament!

Amazing performance! He was 44,8 percent ahead of number 2.

His performance was insane. He had a 21 winning streak, multiple wins against top bullet players, 3141 rating high, last match in 35 moves: 0 blunders 0 mistakes 0 inaccuracies 15 centipawns loss per moves, and so on… By the way, just look how he did that performance:

"might of"? what's "might of"? do you mean might've? :P

@bakkouz Yes, I might of screwed up there. :)

great one :D

A wonderful chess experience.

wtf? this Video is insane. Carlsen did manage to Cakewalk to his title while casually sitting on a couch with his Laptop, hearing Music, chatting, drinking and havin like 10 people around him?

Does anyone know why profiles were disabled during the titled arena?