Carlsen ekes out another Topsy Turvy Titled Arena Victory

@ Roderic10
Is that supposed to be funny somehow?

"Transvestite is not a term that folks in the transgender / gender non-conforming community generally approve"

eeer... who cares about what the general community of transgenders approve or not? plus this is a lie...

Mr @ZugAddict your post was awesome, thank you for taking your time!

Please Sir don't listen to these people and all their dreadful lies. Especially people like Mr @cincigoose. *Nobody* is offended because of the name of a curtain chess openning, this is unheard of. Mr @cincigoose is clearly trolling and or spamming or simply does not realise the full "weight" the words that he speaks.

Nobody is offended. Yet Mr @cincigoose acts like someone is infact offended (?) and then he simply take these peoples side (yes, the side of these imaginary offended people that he himself created) thus creating a problem from literally nowhere...

Nobody should tolerate being told what is offensive and what is not - WITHOUT A GENERAL CONSENSUS - of the majority of the people in this very site in this very forum. This act is called SJW trolling and it's NOT acceptable.

SJW trolling is the act of creating a problem (that other people supposedly have) from literally nowhere and then start complaining about it like it is a real problem suggesting that people need to somehow care about. This is the very definition of spamming.

SJW trolling posts of the likes of Mr @cincigoose that find it funny to create solutions to problems that don't exist and insisting on these solutions to take place immediately should not be acceptable and I'm glad to see they aren't.

(sorry for my English btw its not my 1st language...)

> eeer... who cares about what the general community of transgenders approve or not? plus this is a lie...

Just thought it would be interesting to point out a rhetorical tactic that @llNukell is using here. Note how poses 2 arguments: one is saying that the cross-dressing community doesn't mind what you say, the other is saying that even if people do mind it doesn't really matter.

The function of this argument is that @llNukell can make a claim without checking if it's true to strengthen his argument, and even if he's wrong he won't actually have to concede a point or argue properly because he's already said it doesn't matter.

It's a tactic to seem like he's entering into the argument when he's actually not.

He has no evidence, he just walks, starts shouting "SJW trolling", and throws a tantrum.

@Tomondo , actually @llNukell is right! Before you SJWs threw a tantrum and started trolling this thread, it was about chess only. But now we are discussing the hypersensitive people who should not be using the Internet for their own psychological well being.

Sorry if you need a "safe space" but we the people won't let you turn Lichess into it. Maybe you just love to feel offended like at @cr2015 post from a previous page, but - if not - feel free to go somewhere else or even create Sjwchess if you have enough brains to do it (which I doubt). Like @hal9k said, Lichess will be just fine without some 1100-rated crybaby. And perhaps Lichess needs to introduce the " idiotentest " (great German idea) so that some special snowflakes like you won't be able to register

By the way, why are you all talking about this topic? Don't waste your time, and play chess!