Carlsen ekes out another Topsy Turvy Titled Arena Victory

You can't thank Magnus enough for what he does for Liches and the chess game as a whole.
Magnus is really my hero, in chess and in human ways.

This was really entertaining one!

it doesnt say anything about the money. Did he finally take it this time?:D

Very entertaining tournament as well as the pre-show display from stockfish and leela. Special thanks to @chess-network for making it understandable and fun for us lower rated players.

I think many of the articles on this site, especially these ones, are newsworthy enough that lichess should consider applying to have your news included in Google News:

Maybe then people will see something other than a certain other aggressive chess website's articles in their Google News feed for chess news.

I was intrigued when I first heard about bong exhibitions in online chess. What a feast to watch it in already fantastic event: WC MC personally streaming.
This treat can only be beaten by OTB bullet ;)

Absolute legend. The trash talking in his stream along with his talent should attract e-sports fans if it's marketed properly.

Transvestite is not a term that folks in the transgender / gender non-conforming community generally approve of (unless someone self-identifies that way):

So I think we as a chess community shouldn't be using this term, specifically as a name for the opening referenced in the article. Maybe 'cross-dresser' keeps the comedic effect without the insensitivity.