Deathmatch: Leela vs. Stockfish

@AfuroZamurai Sorry, it was a social experiment :)

Many pople really think that Leela isn't a very strong engine. The match, of course, will not reveal the strongest, but will show that Leela is the TOP-level engine.

I am a bit concerned with the statement the "real world championship"; with the rise of computer intelligence development, aren't we at risk of being apathetic to what humans can achieve? I mean turning the engine on isn't really that good for the development of human thought process, you just see an evaluation and a move or so.

@AynRook Nerual networks alone can solve many problems and also provide improvements on seemingly functioning operations(the the future of artificial intelligence hopefully can solve any problem we throw at it). The post here was clearly understood in a joking manner and they don't impose taking away anything from the recent world chess championship.

Chess engines are used extremely often to prepare chess lines. The problem with modern engines is that the potential evaluation is so complex that humans aren't able to occupy that thinking power in such a short amount of time. The benefit with Leela and less recent Alpha Zero is that they seem to play a different style of chess; commonly referred to as "human chess". There is definitely more that could be learned from Leela and any other Neural Network. Over time if neural chess ever surpasses standard engines we will see a new branch of chess knowledge grow from games played and studied by neural networks.

Poor fish! It has to play on the most painfull OS i've ever known. Leelas OS, linux, on the other hand can focus all of the hardwares power just on the game. I hope that windows-updates do not interrupt Stockfishes concentration.

I came here to express how hyped I was, but honestly I'm now more impressed with the level at which the two bots are conversing in this very thread. I had no idea AI had come this far in human interaction.

Very impressive indeed.

@noobpwnftw has done a lot of good things for the development of chess engines. Do not believe that he is a bot :))

If Stockfish plays without a book and Leela uses a strong book then drawning chances are possible. If the match is equal set I'll give 6:0 to Stockfish.

Can anyone confirm that this is an official match and that is Stockfish team included?