Deathmatch: Leela vs. Stockfish

Wow. With the TCEC, the computer chess championship, and now this, computer chess is seeming to become more of a mainstream thing.

About this event in particular, I expect that LCZero will do well, as short time controls favor neural nets, which don't benefit as much from higher processing time.

How do you decide what hardware is fair? 1080 Ti + 2070 is a very odd choice.

Leela is really good at shorter time controls which was recently proven in TCEC. This should be at least somewhat competitive stockfish should still be better at this time though.

Is this standard Stockfish or is it the kind-of-weird, altered Stockfish that the analysis board uses? Or am I just misinformed?

when is this going to happen?? tomorrow?

Thanks to the people involved in making this happen, very cool.

It's a nice idea. But why only post the time? A date would be welcome too in an announcement. It's easy enough to find out by following the link to Titled Arena, but opening a separate tab for this is a little silly.

6 games is not enough, If they go to the trouble of hosting this why not make it 20 or so games?