GM Andrew Tang Wins Lichess Titled Arena 5

#28 people complaining without knowing the facts.

Good thing is that in the next arena, no one will complain :)

brilliant win from penguin it kinda always was going to be him

and it was always amazing from carlsen donating the prize money back and making it an arena with over 200 titled chess players

the people who are complaining here in this forum need nothing but ignoring

"Two teenagers where fighting for $2750 on a 1 minute game, insane. At least the 2nd place should have taken $500."

Yes, insane! lol
I agree with @PumaPower #28

@Spartako not the decision of lichess. If you would have read the previous thread, you would have known that Magnus specifically donated his winnings to the first place price of the next arenas. Therefore first place price increased while the other places stayed the same.

But no more complains for the next arenas, yeey

Oh, I've read quite a lot before, but didn't realize he had donated to the first place prize specifically. Thank you.

Magnus didn't lose because he's in bad shape. He lost because of his internet connection. Penguin deserves all the honor and money but true Magnus didn't play.

Shhh, you're a bot. You're not supposed to talk. Don't let them know.

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