Announcing Lichess Titled Arena 5

Will penguin be able to play at the new time?
I really hope so, makes it more interesting to have strong contenders.

Also known GMs shouldn't be allowed to make new accounts for the tournament. It's basically trolling the viewers.

#12 and they get an easier pairing in the first rounds, faster streaks

My theory on why lichess don't distribute prizes more equally is that in the case of Magnus not winning and donating the prize money back, the ''hype'' of such huge prizes for all places would go away and fewer players would play in the next lichess arena with possibly smaller prizes.

I had the opposite idea, why not give every player a random string of numbers as a temporary username to use during the tournament, and then reveal all the corresponding usernames some time after it is over.
Streamers would be found out quickly anyway, so perhaps let them opt out, but as for everyone else, why not let fans have their fun guessing who is who?

I'd prefer more evenly distributed prizes also, but if in fact Magnus donated for the first place we have to be thankful for that. Anyway, looking forward to watching the tournament.

Star Wars Day tournament... May the Force (Fourth?) be with you! :)

You guys tarded or what? Of course he donated only to the first place. Evenly distributed prizes would also take all the fun out of it.

Why are the tournaments with 1-minute time control?
3+2 or 5 - 0 would give us more exciting games.

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