Announcing Lichess Titled Arena 5

Nice, but why is the prize fund not properly distributed? Only the first prize is high and even that will somehow be donated back to Lichess. The other players need some encouragement too.

Publicity and money are always behind fairness in my point of view.
It's better being attractive for "good" reasons

And there are other drawbacks of donating back to lichess :
- It's a good thing, but once the main price is won by someone, it then goes down back to initial value. it won't stay attractive anymore (for money reasons).
- Risks of cheating is increasing as well.

well I think this particular tournament is mostly attractive, because You are able to compete against World Champion, and as for patzers it is attractive to watch amazing Carlsen's games... If I was titled player, I would attend every such tournament, just for chance to play Super GM... but for some guys, yeah it is always money money and money...
@arunjchess read the whole thread, don't be lazy

@arunjchess Lichess contributes $500 to the 1st place each tournament, the rest is coming from donations specifically earmarked for 1st place.

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