Announcing Lichess Titled Arena 5

so lichess users have to aim for second since magnus gonna win again?

Why not more evenly distribute the prizes, doesn't seem quite fair for second and third place. Is the reason because you guys are banking on Magnus donating the money back every time? Either way really happy to see another tournament like this, thanks to lichess for putting on amazing events like this!

Sweet. I just want to request the return of the warm up arena before the titled event that anyone could enter like you did with the first 2 titled events. That was a lot of fun.

#4 because Magnus donates his price back to the next arena's first place price and the anonymous donor may have also donated for specific places.

Lichess cannot just redistribute the prices if they were directly donated for specific prices. As we have seen in the last arena, it is not impossible to win; penguin almost did it.

I like it, but it's too soon.

Gotta spread them out a bit to build up anticipation, and to keep it special.

#7 one arena every month seems fine; however feels a bit quick after the last one because the last was relatively late in April.

I don't like the new time though :(( I'm not at home until the tournament is over. But cannot be perfect for everyone; maybe other get the chance to play / watch with the new arena day.

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