GM Magnus Carlsen wins fourth consecutive Lichess Titled Arena

Question, I'm watching Magnus's stream video and after each move he often clicks on the piece he just moved a few times. Is there a reason he does that or is it just something he happens to do?

how did you get stuck on the captcha, it is a mate in 1 and plus there is a help thingy if u get stuck

Sixth place finisher was revealed to be:

-> #6 GM msb2, Matthias Bluebaum (GER) - 108 pts - $50

One german in the top six, nice!

Anybody who think Andrew has even the slightest chance of becoming WC is absolutely crazy he has a 0% chance and a very small chance of ever just about creeping into the top 10 maybe 1% chance or something. Hes a great bullet player though, and I could see him possibly being the best bullet player in a year or 2 if Carlsen doesn't play more bullet than he currently does.

Magnus just clicks the pieces because of nerves, like something to do while waiting for your opponent to move. You can see kingscrusher doing it a lot too.

A lot of top players do it. Even Andrew Tang does it, you can see it in many streams

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