GM Magnus Carlsen wins fourth consecutive Lichess Titled Arena

It is a great joy to watch these bulletmasters great job lichess the nr1 chesssite

just not enough words to describe how amazing and thrilling was this tournament, already waiting for next one :)

Did Andrew play on his tablet for a part of the tournament ? Some people said he would have to ?

If Magnus keeps on winning these tournaments and donating the prize back to Lichess, the first place here is going to be more valuable than in many professional otb events !! :-D

I missed it but John Bartholomew made a youtube video. I don't get why titled players make new accounts just for the tournament?

Maybe to play the games anonymously so their opponents just play their game and not worry about who they are playing against?
Perhaps just so viewers can have some fun guessing who is who?

Incredible, who can stop Magnus, if drunken him can pull 19 win streak against lichess' top bullet players, score over 3k performance, and win the event?

Did the Chess world ever see a WC like him? He's like the figurehead of a whole new generation of players, showing off his incredible talent and perseverance even when he's faced against some really strong opposition.

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