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  3. Kramnik Triumphant in Round 3 of the Candidates

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It is somewhat strange to have the Candidates Tournament be a round robin, as most top tournaments are swiss-system events. As it is, Mamedyarov-So seems completely unfair.

Wtf? Swiss System is considered foggy because some players don’t play each others. But double round-robin is virtually the best one can have - everyone plays everyone with either color!?

Always a thing of beauty to watch Kramnik work his magic.

Thanks so much for providing these news updates!

Thanks for the updates!

I thought Aronian will be well prepared and will win this tournament, but seems Kramnik better now and have no mercy

Caruana is the most entertaining to watch and appears to be in very good form, both him and Mamedyarov have the right idea: It s important to fight, more decisive games means greater chance to qualify. Aronian clearly chose not to fight in his game against Ding and yesterday he got crushed by the impaler. It s also great that it s a double round robin tournament which ensures that everyone has same condition - for me The candidates tournament is more exciting than the actual world championship.

Kramnik's game is hilarious! :D

It's a great attacking game and all, but the fact that it came from KRAMNIK playing with BLACK in the BERLIN defense makes it unbelievable.

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