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  3. Developer update: 275% improved game compression

Comments on

An amazing feat of engineering, really. Congrats and thanks to @revoof!

honestly, am i supposed to understnd this?! I'm dumb :P

keep the good work, guys! :)

This is awesome (for you, not for me). Still awesome!

Very well done!

I love hearing and reading about these developer updates!

I TA a course that has Huffman Coding as its last homework assignment, and it's awesome to see that lichess utilizes it [:

Nice work very good job! Lichess id great soery i did not understand anything but it is k

Keep up the great work!

As a suggestion, i think that "comment on blog post" threads like these should belong somewhere else in the forum, or even outside the forum.

Question: Why is there 680 million games in the database but only 40 million in the Opening Explorer ?

Relating to @savagechess2k 's question, how often do the openings explorer update with master games? Where do the master games come from?

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