Cautious Carlsen Sends World Championship Match to Tiebreakers

A lot of people trying really hard to still like Carlsen same as before. I must say I lost some respect. But I will probably still put on my Scandinavian hat for the final.

I'd still think that tomorrow's 4 initial Rapid games will (or else could be) a serious coin-toss. Magnus's major advantage maybe only seen in full-on Blitz mode. Fabi quite very capable in Rapid stuff, which closely approaches classical play better. Maybe a 100 points behind ...but how seriously does he pursue this discipline of Chess? Perhaps not at all seriously, until now. Does not mean that he is intrinsically 100 points worse off. Would be surprised if he was. Good Opening repertoire choices, good on-board recovery templates etc. I do think the 4 game Rapid could run very close indeed. Maybe Magnus a marginal favourite here. No more though, I'd feel.

Plenty of time to spend a minute or 5 on a single move, explore openings, attacks and defenses within Rapid.

Carlsen s thoughts berore game 11:

Better play this one and the final game safely, we are nearly equal in classical format so I will just force the draws and crush him in the tiebreakers like I have done with Karjakin who was much better at faster time controls.
Magnus is a pragmatic guy he s doing maximum to retain his title and he s doing it well. I don t get the bashing his decisions are correct.

i strongly dislike that choice of carlsen but i can accept it.
the guy can still make up for it by getting his edge back in future tournaments and matchs.

This blog post is so biased. Excluding the fact that the person who wrote it is from the USA and clearly supports Caruana, it's evident that he disliked Carlsen even before this draw.

"Carlsen lost a lot of fans on Monday due to his pragmatism/cynicism".

Yeah, like you have the stats to claim that. Alright...

I wonder how objective this post would be if someone who is not from the USA had written it...

What do people expect? It was always going to be a very tight match.For the first time ever the WCC is contested by the two highest rated players in the world with just 3elo points between them, (that equates to having to play 133 games for Carlswn to win by +1). No matter what the engines might say about his advantage was there is no clear win in the final position. yes Carlsen sits better and Caraunna has no counterplay but to everyone who criticizes his decision to offer a draw I suggest they play the position themselves against an engine set at 2800. In the last 11 games Carlsen has tried to varying degrees to press for a win and not succeeded, in fact it almost cost him in one game so I figure he reckons Caraunna is isn't going to crack, his nerve has been steadfast and his demeanour calm so save the energy and push for the wins in the tiebreaks where Carlsen has a considerably higher rating and an unbeaten record.


The Author of this piece is GM Ian Rogers who is Australian.

Let's do a little thought experiment...

Let's say Carlsen has a 80% chance of winning the tiebreaks. If his 100 point Elo advantage in Rapid and 200 in blitz is accurate than his odds are even better than that.

Did he have an 80% chance of winning that position? If not, he objectively did the right thing by making a draw.

My only doubt is if Magnus really has an 80% chance of winning the tiebreaks.

People complaining about Carlsen make me laugh. The only interesting games we had were thanks to his opening choice as black. Imagine if he was playing as a worthless pussy: the berlin or even worse the petrov... I'm not liking Carlsen decision to play for a draw game 11/12 but let s a be serious for a second, the biggest pussy in this match was Caruana by far. I actually hope he wins so people realise how lucky we were to have Carlsen as a world champion.

What surprises me is that people aren't complaining about the match format which enabled this mess in the first place.