Cautious Carlsen Sends World Championship Match to Tiebreakers

Cowardlsen had 35mins left to 7mins for Caruana in a much better position thats rapid tiime control so if he thinks he is much better in rapids he could have finished Caruana off easily, i think this players are just greedly they just want tire-breakers bonuses

I agree with you. I can't see that it is Magnus to prove he is the champ, he has done that three times so far. Fabi MUST prove he is the champ he is the one to prove Magnus isn't the champ anymore! It seems to me that people in general really hates Magnus, but why? Because he is the best player in the world, or does it just come down to enviousness???
Why not just enjoy all the games being played, my take is that one can learn from them, or am i wrong??

My biggest problem with all of this is that the world championship may well be decided by Blitz. Blitz is not "real" chess -- it is an entertaining chess variant. By design, it lacks an entire dimension of "classical" chess -- deep calculation. So how can the winner be declared anything but a rapid or blitz champion? There can be no clear champion of "real" chess until the next world championship match is played... no matter what happens, the next few years will be an interregnum.

Maybe they should just declare that there are no champions and that no one is best in chess this year. "Try again next year!"

Ruin this federation to hell if it does not cope with its main duty - to be the organizer of an interesting of the World Championship Match.
P.S. The federation is subject to the dictates of "effective managers" whose task is to extract profits from all that is possible.

It's fine by me. We had the two strongest players in the world, only separated by 3 (!) Elo points, playing 12 games without a single win. Both obviously had to be very careful and play as accurately as they possibly could. Caruana knew all along that Carlsen is probably going to be stronger if it comes to Rapid and Blitz; he's the one who should have taken the risk at some point, but he never did. Carlsen took the risks, but Caruana was being too careful to take advantage of them.
Deciding the World Cup or the Champions League by penalties is also not satisfying, but what are the other options? There's no guarantee that 16 or 24 games would have given a decisive result, and at least it'll be decided by chess skills and not the toss of a coin.

If there's any one of you here that say you wouldn't play the strategy that gave you the best chances to win the world championship. You are liars.
That's all I have to say about it.

I definitely would have done the same.

Agreed, it's like the England football team, you know if it goes to penalties after extra-time they are going to lose 99.9% of the time.

If Carlsen had offered the draw in anything but the final match then I would agree that was a cowardly move.

I guess I am now rooting for Caruana, if Carlsen does now lose that offer of the draw will haunt him for years to come!

Magnus Carlsen played 1000 games a minute and felt well prepared for the match. Joke. ;-D