Cautious Carlsen Sends World Championship Match to Tiebreakers

"If Carlsen plays to his capacity in the tiebreakers, he will retain his world title and he will believe that the end justifies the means"

Case closed.

I think Carlsen knows he is better than Caruana in faster time controls and could beat him and decided to do that. But Carlsen being Carlsen, he should have won the last game. Anyways, go #TeamFabi

Well, shoulda refrained from playing bullet and playing serious chess instead.

I recommend a break, a couple of months no chess at all. Something is rotten in the state of Norway.

A break might be possible indeed after this - Carlsen did comment earlier how he lacks motivation to grind for win like he used to, which this round may be the epitome of. Guess one can only play chess so much. Lets see if he's less excited on Wednesday.

Though playing natural moves rather than most accurate ones wasn't necessarily a mistake with how little time Fabi had remaining - nonetheless, the resulting five-to-one advantage wasn't used.

Normal match-fixing. I'm sickened. Nothing.

I thought y'all love how pragmatic Carlsen's play is. He is the greatest ever etc.
Now he pragmatically assessed that he has better chances in the faster time controls while earning 5% more or 5% of the extra money or something. It's Fischer's fault to make the game professional!

But if that's so he can keep donating to lichess then I'm fine with it. Go lichess! MCGA

PS. I would still love it if Magnus did it to mock the idiotic format they chose for the most important match in chess.

PS II. Now I read they will earn less... So fuck it. We'll support lichess anyway we can

I am so disappointed, I just dont know what to say ! In my opinion Carlsen isnt Carlsen anymore, at least not the Carlsen I remember from his first championship match in 2013. Looks like to me he just " planned it " !! "Let's make 12 draws and go for tie-break!" ! I was a pro-Carslen because I find Caruana so boring and so politically corect (but Caruana is just the mirror of our doomed society) but Carlsen is mimicking Caruana.... these guys are so boring now !! I'm old enough to remember Kasparov Karpov match: at least there were punches, blood, fear and so on.. It was a real match with real fighters... this one is everything but a World Championship's Match !! Honestly ? I'm glad I didnt pay "bloody Agon" to watch this ! btw, looks like companies are broken these days : the prize fund for K-K in 1986 was 3.7 M €.... the prize fund for C-C in 2018 is 1 M€ ! :) Giving the inflation rate it would be more or less like 600.000 € of 1986 !! (6 times less !!! ) No comment !

From where I see it Fabi could have turned down the draw offer and played on. Why didn't he? Magnus just gave Fabi an oppurtunity to prove that he is the best by defeating him in rapid. He surely wasn't able to do it in classical time format, he wasn't even close. So Fabi if you want to be WC defeat Magnus, otherwise I will just say it must all be hot air!!
Not rooting for either of the players, but Magnus is just playing cynical, and Fabi obviously isn't up to the task to defeat Magnus.
Just my opinion!!!

There was absolutely no incentive for Carlsen to take any risk in game 12. If he pushed and lost it's match over, there is no next game to try to make up the point. It's 100% on Fabi to take the risks, he is the challenger and has nothing to lose. I believe Fabi has pushed as hard as he has been able so far without any success.