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  1. Forum
  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. Carlsen Retains World Title After Tiebreak Massacre

Carlsen so far in his career:
- 4 classical WC titles
- 5 WC titles in Blitz & Rapid
- 31 victories in super tournaments
- A total of 101 months as the World #1
- World #1 in Classical, Blitz & Rapid
- Highest rated player ever (2882)
- 1st player to hold all 3 WC titles

Any questions?

@Sarg0n all that and yet Kasparov criticised his play in game 12? Yes it was "boring" for the spectators but I would think Kasparov (as someone who's spent a lot of time at the top) would understand that Carlsen had nothing to gain from going for a win in game 12. Count me confused, but then again I don't understand high level chess.....

4 classical WC titles, two of these ties that were not decided in classical time control
The players are not at fault, the tie break system is
Fischer wanted the word championship to be decided by the first to win 10 games, draws not counting. At 9-9 the word champion would retain his title, as one game could not decide on the world championship.
With the present tie break system even one armageddon blitz game can decide on who is the world champion.
In other sports like boxing if a player avoids combat, he gets disqualified.

@LolikBolik (#28): the OED defines faith as "COMPLETE trust or confidence in someone or something" (my capitals). So more than solely trust or confidence; it's rock solid.

Sure, it's also used with respect to religion. But not only.

Go back to unlimited amount of classical games and the first to score 6 wins is the winner.

@colin20g I an understand this but the problem is that you get another Kasparov - Karpov fiasco where they play 100s of games with no result. I heard chess was a laughingstock because of this at that time.

@CoolBreezeG Kasparov vs Karpov was super epic, there were 17 draws in a row at some point but players fought hard. And no one attempted to game the system by offering a draw in a winning position D:

@tpr in boxing, my dear, Champion is defending his title and contender has to beat the Champ to become one - that simple. So if after 12 rounds judges say it is draw, Champion keeps his title and contender goes home without it (most recent Wilder Fury for WBC title fight). It is way more harsh for contender, because there are no tie-breaks if he draws Champion, so he has to risk and attack, prove that he is better period. Chess is more gentle as it allows in case of drawing the Champ go into tie-breaks and beat him there, if rules would've been as in boxing Carlsen would keep the title until he is 80 years old... Contender only needs to train his fast chess skills.

@colin20g one funny note on the Kasparov-Karpov match, to give some context. You're right that the match was derided for being a never ending draw fest. And the players were constantly offering draws in 'balanced' but still easily decisive positions. Nonetheless after 48 games there had been 8 decisive games played. That's a rate of 1/6, which is twice as high as the past 24 world championship games we've had!

A good summary of the problem: