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@the-lone-wolf Of course, but I was implying something else...:P

@savagechess2k Yeah I've put it off intermittently, but only 200 left now.

@soni777 I wasn't aware of this, but it seems weird to me that a 90-move endgame in anti wouldn't have any captures ?_?

@Googleplayer45678 I've come close to solving 3+, and even if it weren't for that, between strong players, it's incredibly difficult to play Black. That doesn't mean there won't be any 3+ prize tournaments, but resources, time, and energy are finite...

:( well variants are for fun! I will focus on my normal chess which I AM BAD AT!!! @FischyVishy

@FischyVishy as I don't have access to the tablebases I don't know exactly at what points captures take place, but it would not surprise me if there were 50 moves without a capture, because of the importance of zugzwang in antichess endgames, even more so than standard chess. Of course, these are endgames with kings and with no queens or rooks, otherwise yes there would be fast captures.

Yup, and fun they are :). Play both :).

I am a bit puzzled by this 90 moves btw, it has to be a quite complex endgame with no pawns? seems a bit weird but possible

@FischyVishy I made a variant of chess I think would be very popular on lichess if it were to get developed.

The game begins with an EMPTY board. The players alternate placing pieces and pawns on the board, starting with the kings. On the first move, each player MUST place his king on a square of their back rank. The 9 squares surrounding his king are his safe squares (squares your opponent may not place a piece). For example, if the king is on d1, his nine squares are d1-3,c1-3,e1-3. If he is on a1, its a1-3,b1-3,c1-3. You may NOT place your opponent in check. Move 2 will ALWAYS be a pawn move, and move 3 will ALWAYS be a piece move (you get the idea). Pawns may only be placed (3) squares away from the queening rank (so 5th for white, 4th for black). Pawns are LIMITED to ONE per file, however, you may place two pawns on a file if you do not have the ability to place it on its own file* (this may happen, sometimes all squares are taken on a file). You may only have 1 bishop of each color. There is no castling. En Passant exists. After the placing of the pieces is completed, a game of chess commences! (White moves first).

I would be interested to hear your thoughts fishy, as you are one of the variant gurus.

Looking forward to this crazyhouse event! Thanks to FischyVishy for everything you do for the community, and the author of this article for bringing the necessary hype to each and every player.

@FischyVishy what do you mean by "reform", it needs to get more popular?

@TrappedPiece The players should get organised and organise big stuff. (zh did this, they have streamers, elite arenas, and a strong leaderboard.)

@FischyVishy You should have one look at a variant named Hostage Chess. It has similarities with crazy house but the main difference is that while we get our opponents pieces by changing colour in crazyhouse we get our own pieces to drop back in Hostage Chess. There is a beautiful book about it at To play every possible position in crazy house, we will need eight pawns, one King, eighteen rooks, bishops, and knights; and seventeen Queens of each colour. To play every possible game of Hostage Chess, we just need the 32 chessmen that come in a set. I find hostage Chess very interesting.

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