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  3. T-Shirts 2: Electric Boogaloo

Comments on

Make this tshirt plz. Will be bestseller.

I disagree with the comment ... "We're web designers, not T-shirt designers."

Have you seen the latest Developer update?

More like Geeky Engineers Who Love Chess.

(Wink, Wink -- That's a compliment by the way. Every script-kiddie coming out of the next-big-thing "code academy" is a "web designer" or "web developer" -- whereas, y'all put abstract concepts and knowledge from CSCI and Information Theory to good use, in concrete software development and engineering terms.)

Please make a baseball hat with the sunglasses logo on it.


Can entries be front-and-back, or are we only printing front-or-back? (Double or single-sided?)

I think we missed the competition closing date by 2 years.

Oh. Facepalm. Harder? Harder. Harder! That's better. I'm awake now.

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