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Sure, that's why time management is a skill needed in Blitz. And I get that some chess player don't like it. Good blitz player can be bad correspondance chess player, and vice versa.

And I agree with you, time increments kinda fixes this ! Once you are in a finale with 1 rook advantage, you can win even if you are low on time thanks to the increment. I've seen that a lot in bullet 1min+2sec/move.

I dont like your idea, blitz is for the brave and the bold

Yet another fellow who wants a fully comprehensive insurance. No, that's not the way competition works. If you can't stand it leave it.

Fischer was also famous for winning totally drawn endgames.

@Sarg0n Eek, rather arrogant. I'm throwing out a suggestion that favors better game play since blitz is growing in popularity. Your response is as bias as it is quite rude.

That said, I think playing the increment side of blitz will probably be where I land, however my suggestion does have merit in my opinion.

the problem lies in the very definition you use of 'better game play': it doesn't take time into account, in a chess mode whose time controls are the very thing that define it

This sounds just like complaining about boxing rules because you were beaten by a fast hitter, whereas you would find a better spot to hit your opponent in (and hypothetically win) should the fight be held in slow motion

Switching to slow motion mode in blitz. Please say this loud and clear in front of the mirror.

Well, there is a slow motion mode for blitz. It's called "rapid".

If blitz is too fast for you, don't play blitz.

Hello @bkzeal how would you evaluate a scenario in which you do come up with a brilliant idea like a queen sac that leads to a forced win and as soon as you play Qx your opponent auto forfeits based on what you call "material mercy" and wins? Perhaps you just go ahead and tick an increment, I think that would help you avoid most of the above mentioned issues.

@Lavadora that's a good point, the mercy rule could apply when time has expired, or the mercy rule could apply when you're up even further say +12

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