Blitz game lost for time expired

opponent remains only with the king and bishop in the dark field and five seconds available instead I with three pedestrians and bishop in clear field the game gets me lost date for time expired

It is obviously a winning position.
But not a winning game !
The rules are the rules.

By the way, it might be a fortress on the dark squares. Just a quick verdict, I didn’t calculate any variations.

(Edit: you don‘t need to ask the TB. Ask Sarg0n! :D)

Actually I wanted to point out that Black cannot win either with his three extra pedestrians. They won’t get into the zone. The pedestrian zone.

Quickly. The German federation dealt it with FIDE, the usual (only?) way. You apply, pay the registration and soon it‘ll work.

Sargon, as the tireless and outspoken defender of this rule I have a question for you. The rightness or wrongness of something is not determined by rule. But rather rules are [ideally] determined by rightness or wrongness. So setting this rule aside for one moment, do you think that games where one side has only a single piece remaining OUGHT be considered a win if the opponent runs out of time?