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  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. blitz for progress?

as a newcomer in chess (i played go and shogi before), i m asking myself if i have to oblige myself to play blitz 3+0 instead of rapid
i often find difficult to finish my games
maybe 3+0 is good to accumulate experience on the chess board, i don t know...
(as far as i know bullet isn t chess but a kind of videogame)

No. If you're truly a beginner then the worst thing you could do is spend time on blitz right now. Rapid is good but classical is better. That said, if you're playing a lot of classical (and studying/reviewing/analyzing properly) then in today's day and age of engine analysis, playing blitz with increment (3+2 and 5+3) will be something you want to start incorporating into your routine. Between the two, you'll begin to progress nicely.

A lot of the "don't play blitz" mantras and methods of teaching originate from a time far before where we're at with computer hardware and tech here in 2018. It has it's place in developing your opening repertoire, seeing a lot of middlegame positions, and learning the endgames quickly. That said, it simply can't be but a fraction of your overall training and playing. If you keep it to 10-15% of your games, and the rest are rapid and classical, you're going to start to see things come full circle before long. Just make sure that alongside your playing and reviewing you also sit and really study the game, too. If you hit it from all angles like this, you won't even recognize yourself in a few months.

The best way of improving is playing against a program at highest level. You will get punished so hard that you start to pick up things. It's tasking getting slaughtered over and over again but if you want to learn then that's the way.

Blitz and fast time controls are pointless. You start to develop tendencies that are harmful for your chess and since the human brain notices losses twice as much as wins you will also get depressed.

thank you for your advices. will try to play against computer more...

#3 I wonder what one learns about chess against playing computers, but how easy and frustrating it's to make silly mistakes. Maybe in specific positions, which are supposed to be won like K vs K+B+N?

I feel like playing vs computer for a beginner is going to leave a bad impression of the game.

Definetly play classical or longer rapid games and watch youtubers play classical/rapid chess with commentary

Blitz makes the good better and the bad worse.

I would advice against listening to youtubers and instead only play vs computer. I haven't seen any quantitative reviews of how well youtubers teach but in my case Gustafsson, KC and Barth are providing plenty of entertainment but no progress.

And coaches are as always a borderline fraudulent occupation, especialy compared to our silicon based friend.

Don't listen to Scandination. Don't play vs. computers. The best thing for beginners to do is play slightly slower time controls (10+5 to 20+5, whatever you prefer/have time for) against humans. If you have to compromise, do at least 5+0 or slower until you're more experienced.

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