Bits on lichess

Try to post in question/answer topic: it doesn't work ask if it's written in english ?!!!) :what are these "bits" when following a lichessplayer on twitch ? how does it work ? it seems there is money involved to buy "bits": I believed all what is linked to lichess would be free ...

TLDR: Lichess is completely free. You can optionally subscribe to twich streamers with money to show your support.


Twitch is a streaming service that's completely separate from Lichess.

(Lichess) players stream their content (in Lichess' case, chess games) to their viewers.

Viewers can follow their (favourite) streamers and have the OPTION to subscribe with money in order to show their support.

You can still freely watch them on Twitch, but if you want to show your support, you can subscribe to them.

The payments are done strictly through Twitch; lichess has nothing to do with that.

"I believed all what is linked to lichess would be free ..."

Would you expect Google to forgo any advertising revenue from google searches of "lichess" too?

Thank you for the answer Chess Agent! I understand now!

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