Bhopal International GM Chess Tournament

Damn that's a strong-ass tourney. Good luck @finlip ... do you have experience at that level?

Good luck man. Is it possible for you to get a title with a good performance in that one?

@Link I'm not sure what titles are on offer here. I don't have very high hopes here.
@zorba7676 Thank you.

Chess is a complete information game and there is no luck involved.
I just hope I don't make blunders that are unforgivable.

@Microraver, what experience do you need?In an opening tournment like this, 1500 rarely meet 2500 though. No difference than playing in local club with 1500 rated people. 1500 people will be playing against 1500 rated people and 2500 rated people will be playing against 2500 rated people in most of the games.

As an example, you can literally run London marathon with the world record holder, but top finishers will be running in the pack with their peers and bottom finishers will be running in the pack with their peers.


Experience in open or otherwise high (ish)-level OTB tournaments is definitely a factor; if your first OTB tourney is the NY Open or the Bhopal described above, the stress level is gonna be high. Not many amateurs are as cool as you think; even 'running with your pack' can be nerve-wracking if you have never done it before. To my mind, 'playing at the club' is a different beast than playing in a serious tournament.

I'm speaking from my own experience here, and in no way was I trying to imply anything negative. I was just curious.