Best tech setup for chess coach

Hi everyone,
I started working with my first student 2 weeks ago and we scheduled 2 hours per week split on 2 different days witch work well for us both. We are working with Skype videocall and the "study" function here on Lichess. I resize the Skype Video window on the left side of the Lichess board and put it in the chat box so it doesnt block my view of move notation. My question is if anyone here know a more practical way of splitting the screen view between Skype video and the chessboard? Maybe there is some software that can do this to give a more professional look than doing it by hand? If anyone uses a different setup let me know im willing to try other solutionts if they are better then mine :)
Regards Richard

Hi thanks for your respons, the video is to make the lessons more interactive.
Its possible to make a lesson without video and just Skype conversation but i think the video adds an important element bringing it as close to a live lesson as possible.
Regards Richard

Long gone are the day when you had to use screen recording software. Thees days I just use studies and whatever voip program works the best, which is prolly discord. Personally I don't think a webcam is neccessary, but it prolly cant hurt either.

Try teamviewer with it one has access to chessbase (which I think is best to create databases/pgn files ). Some prefer zoom. Both require a code, sent by the one setting it up. After the end the lesson and connection is ended.

Don't use teamviewer. It's pure garbage. We had to use that in the stone age, but no more! Use lichess studies instead. It's a million times better and safer.

Thanks tdforlive for your input on Teamviewer and Zoom, im looking at teamviewer tutorials on youtube to learn more about it.
Regards Richard

Tell him that we live in 2019 now. There is no need to use garbage software.