best strategies/tactics when you have a horse pair?

Why do we say checkmate?
It comes from Old French eschec mat (Modern French échec et mat), which is a transliteration of the Persian phrase "shāh māt" (شاه مات‎) which means, literally, "the King is helpless"

Good find @Sarg0n. It's actually from a finnish chess-site,, to all whom it may interest.

Actually #12, "مات" is derived from arabic and it means literally "dead".

A pair of knights is perhaps the worst piece pair (except fully closed positions, where knights are superior).
Otherwise the bishop pair and the knight-bishop combination both outperform the knight pair in open and half-open positions.
The knight usually seeks for a specific square, and if you have two knights it is harder to position both knights on a strong square.

Two knights are redundant: they do the same. More of the same is no good. In economics this is known as the law of diminishing returns. So two knights are worth less than twice the worth of a knight. Say in a position there is one optimal position for a knight and one less optimal position. With two knights you have to put one in the optimal and one in the suboptimal position. With one knight you put that in the optimal position.
Two bishops complement each other. So two bishops are worth more than twice the worth of one bishop.
The best strategy if you have two knights is to trade one away for a bishop.

Let's say you have two knights and your opponent has two bishops. If you have an outpost (a square which you opponent cannot control with a pawn anymore), it is strategically smart to eliminate the bishop that could control that square, as then the knight can not be kicked.

Best strategy for a Horse pair is to exchange them for Bishops ASAP.
Jokes aside, positions where Knight pair dominates whole board are quite rare.

In the Game above your opponent made a lot of blunders. You managed to win an exchange with Knight fork and that would be all. There wasn't any particular shining moments with the Knights.

Knights are tricky and they benefit most in the Bullet format.

All in all you played well.